Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, HANNAN is a 5 piece modern rock band that simply delivers on the promise of solid musical arrangement and catchy, memorable hooks.


Founded in 2016, HANNAN hit the ground running amassing a wealth of original songs that tested musical boundaries while consistently delivering an infectious melody line that so many music fans crave.  Hannan’s straight ahead approach to melodic songwriting and its ability to maintain its musical integrity has enabled them to quickly build a large fan base.


It has been these songs that has created the perfect backdrop for seeing HANNAN live.  A highly charged and audience engaging live show filled with a giant sound quickly landed HANNAN direct support opportunities for national acts such as Tony McAlpine and Hinder to name but a few.


In the winter of 2018, Chet Roberts, guitar player for the multi-award winning band 3 Doors Down, instantly noticed HANNAN after seeing them perform live. 

Immediately, Roberts knew he witnessed something special and expressed his interest in producing HANNAN on their latest release “Charm Offensive. 


HANNAN hit the studio in April of 2019 and put together 6 songs of driving, catchy, melodic rock. “Charm Offensive” was officially released in August of 2019 and before the end of the year, over 100 radio stations across the country added “Charm Offensive” to their rotation.  Along the way, blogs and music publications took notice. 


Perhaps TunedLoud magazine said it best – “There has always been a need for bands driven by an intense work ethic, an ability to write hooks every bit as catchy as the best that pop music can offer whilst throwing in enough riffs to keep the rockers happy. HANNAN are one such band.” 










Since its release in August of 2019, HANNAN's "Charm Offensive" has gone on to receive airplay in regions all over the globe.  

In North America, 117 radio stations in 36

U. S. states  have picked up "Charm Offensive" as well as 4 provinces in Canada.


Along with the success of Charm Offensive on radio, HANNAN has aquired sync licenses from over 20 networks and national television shows.  

Current Sync Licenses

Also including: Speed TV, Nascar Productions, Born this Way, The Healer, Family or Fiance, 

Discovery Communications, Discovery Health Channel, all U.S. Stadiums and Arenas.



"Charm Offensive"

Produced by Chet Roberts of the award winning group 3 Doors Down.





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